McCarty Bros., Inc

“Quality Service, With Integrity, At a Fair Price”

McCarty Bros., Inc. has been servicing the HVAC Systems of Chicago land Businesses since 1932. Our service trucks cover over 6400 square miles of northeastern Illinois.

We offer emergency service, inspections, preventative maintenance and “Total System Responsibility” service contracts.

We offer consultation, repairs, maintenance and replacement of just about any HVAC system ever installed.

We are qualified in recip., direct expansion, chillers, central station, rooftop, oil gas burners, boilers, pneumatic, electric and electronic control systems.

We produce CAD drawings for all our projects.

We offer no cost second opinion on equipment replacement. Call us if you want confirmation that your equipment needs to be replaced.


We can replace or retrofit any control system you have.


Large Systems our our specialty


But even small units are a worthy challenge.

We have customers as new as yesterday and as old as 53 years.

May we add your company ?

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