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1939 Dodge six ton installation truck

Portable water cooled air conditioners for Hines Veterans Hospital, installed during WW II.

We put the refrigeration on Liberty Ships built on the great lakes. They were floated down the Illinois River to the Mississippi and off to war. ( one of them was the USS Pueblo of spy ship fame).


Founded by Walter McCarty Sr., a student at Armor Institute( now Ill. Institute of Technology) in the depths of the depression, to repair central station multiplex refrigeration systems in new apartment buildings built by his uncles ( McCarty Bros., Inc., General Contractors).

By World War Two McCarty Bros. Equipment Corporation was like most other U.S companies involved in war work.

We air conditioned the shops under the stands at Stagg Fieldat The University of Chicago where Fermi first split the atom.


After World War two we worked with Typhoon Air Conditioning Corp. to design the first practical air cooled air conditioning systems we enjoy today.


In the sixties we installed the then new roof top air-conditioning systems in offices and factories all over Chicagoland.


In the seventies and eighties we designed and installed over 3400 tons of computer room airconditioning. And all the while we maintained the ability to service and repair all types of air conditioning and control systems that keep our customers comfortable today.


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